Our vision is a South Africa where adults have legal and safe access to cannabis, no matter their reasons. We work among the grass-roots cannabis community (hereafter “the movement”) to create a greater support-base for legalisation and to educate the public on matters related to cannabis and its legal reform. Our goals are to:

  • Advocate ethical drug policies
  • Promote human rights and values that uphold the Constitution
  • Inform public discourse on issues related to cannabis
  • Engage with government on policy related issues
  • Buld a society based on equality and democracy

By actively engaging with both the people on the ground and governmental institutions we have gained a unique perspective on the nuanced relationship between the two.

Discussions about cannabis tend to be emotional and polarised. It generally gets divided into two sides, the prohibitionists* and the reformists*. The general conception is that prohibitionists are against cannabis and that reformists are for it.

Polarisation of the audience results from the differences in respective doctrines. Prohibitionists tend to advocate punitive policies that punish the offender and attempts to set an example to deter future offences. Reformists tend to advocate policies that treat drug use as a public health issue and allow for regulated adult consumption.

Prohibition has been shown to be a failure with far reaching consequences. Smoking cannabis no longer makes you part of a drug problem but rather part of a political minority who’s rights need to be protected by the Constitution.

Our aim is to connect fellow activists with each other in and around Cape Town and expose them to the vibrant social movement that is sweeping the country. As South Africans it is our responsibility to support healthy drug policies that promote human rights protection, equality, individual autonomy, a constitutional democracy and greater levels of government transparency.

*These terms are used very loosely to refer to the supporters on two opposing sides of the drug policy control spectrum, ie outright prohibition and legal regulation.